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Team Alignment

How aligned is your team? They could range from disjointed, to agreed - but not following through, to whole-heartedly aligned.

​​This programme gives them the tools to be on the same page, connected, committed, clear on the goals and why it’s worth it. Each person owns their part and can be counted on to deliver— ‘all for one and one for all’.


Judith Eastgate

Judith is passionate about helping leadership teams connect, align and perform.

Her wise guidance nurtures people and teams to discover the phenomenal leaders they can be. 

​She has consulted with over 60 public sector and 25 corporate organisations throughout NZ and Australia. Her expertise includes leadership, team performance, culture and productivity.

​She understands the dynamics and impacts of the unaligned team; delays and non-delivery, wasted resources, lost opportunities, reputational damage and reduced engagement.

​With Judith’s support the leadership team unites, inspired by the future they’re creating, achieving strategic goals, and owning their delivery and culture.



The 5 Levels of Team Alignment

How aligned is your leadership team? And what’s the impact? Is delivering the key outcomes too much like a tug-of-war you’re losing?


To help you think about and discuss together how aligned your leadership team is, my video blog explains a useful scale of alignment.



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